Bitcoin Maintains $40K, APE Soars into Top 100 (Market Watch)

Following the recent price fluctuations, bitcoin calmed on a daily scale and has since remained above the coveted $40,000 price tag. Most altcoins are also relatively stagnant now, but the top 100 coins have seen the entrance of the recently launched ApeCoin.
Bitcoin Remains Above $40K
Bitcoin’s volatility was quite evident in the past several days, especially on Wednesday morning when the cryptocurrency skyrocketed by nearly $3,000 in minutes and neared $42,000.
However, the asset dumped just as quickly to just under $39,000, resulting in more than $200 million worth of liquidations.
Then came the news from the US Federal Reserve about the increasing interest rates by 25 basis points, which initially sent BTC south by a grand before it recovered all losses almost immediately again.
As such, bitcoin challenged $41,000 yesterday but failed to overcome it decisively. Since then, BTC has remained somewhat stagnant and stands between $40,000 and $41,000.
As such, its market capitalizatio

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