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Bitcoin could see $37.5K weekend dip before ‘bigger move’ next week — new report

Time’s up for low volatility in the coming days, Decentrader believes, with Bitcoin due to present a more decisive trajectory.
Bitcoin (BTC) is set for a “bigger move” as soon as next week, fresh analysis says as volatility faces a breakout situation.In its latest market update, trading suite Decentrader told readers that the time would soon come to “pull the trigger” with liquidity as BTC price action goes up or down.Analyst on BTC: “The bigger move is coming”Bitcoin has been making lower highs and higher lows throughout this week as a descending wedge on lower timeframes sees volatility ebb.Such a situation cannot last forever, and for Decentrader’s Filbfilb, it has a matter of days left to run.“We continue to trade intra day, low timeframes, with an eye on legacy markets & general developments in Ukraine to ensure we have a foot in the market and are ready to pull the trigger in either direction when the t

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