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Award Pool Announces Partnership with Crystals of Naramunz

TORONTO, ONTARIO (March 15th, 2022) — Award Pool is thrilled to partner with Crystals of Naramunz  to launch an engagement campaign for their multiplayer action RPG game.
Crystals of Naramunz is a multiplayer action RPG built by Crypto Rogue Games, a AAA studio based in Umeå, Sweden. Crystals of Naramunz brings #GameFi2.0 to the crypto community. 
Award Pool enables brands and content creators to gamify campaigns with their integrated white-label, customizable widget. Users complete challenges and actions to earn points and redeem them for NFT rewards. 
Traditional GameFi has had complaints of boring gameplay, high barriers to entry, and a lack of compliance. Crystals of Naramunz aims to solve this problem with their game-first mentality. Award Pool offers fun ways to engage with your community through gamified play and actions based rewards. Together, Award Pool and Crystals of Naramunz intend to create a new way of putting gamers back in control. 
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