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Atem: Introducing a New Dawn of Social Privacy 

Many things come to mind when we think of social media, but privacy is usually not one of them. From our social media feeds being filled with ads for products we have vaguely discussed to the Cambridge Analytica scandal of a few years ago, it’s perhaps safe to assume that there’s not a lot being done on this front from the community’s side.
Many argue that personal data being used in all sorts of ways is a necessary evil to reap the benefits of a connected world. However, the technological innovation of the last few years means that it’s no longer necessary to simply accept that personal data isn’t our own when we are online.
In fact, user’s privacy is one of the main and most heavily-supported use cases of blockchain-based technologies, and Atem is a company that aims to leverage the web3 experience to give users a decentralized community and social trades.

How Atem Preserves Privacy
From the very beginning, Atem’s setup allows the user to give up as little information

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