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5 Best NFTs to Buy – Comparing Upcoming NFT Projects of 2022

The NFT market surpassed a valuation of $40 billion during late 2021, inching closer to the total annual sales volume of the fine art market. Looking ahead, numerous exciting NFT drops are expected to positively contribute to this valuation – whilst providing lucrative opportunities for savvy investors.
Considering that, this article will discuss the best upcoming NFT projects this year, exploring their features and highlighting the investment potential that these projects have.

The 5 Best NFTs to Invest in in 2022
There are hundreds of new NFT projects on the horizon, each vying for a position within this ultra-competitive market. To clear the mist, we’ve conducted the necessary research and narrowed down the selection to our top five upcoming NFTs – all of which will be reviewed in the following section.

Silks – Number One NFT Project for 2022
Meta Triads – Top NFT Project in the Fashion Sector
Pionauts – Photorealistic NFTs with Compelling Use Case
Meta Mansions – Me

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