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12-Year-Old Prodigy-Created Project, TheRandomDao, Listed on LBank

PRESS RELEASE. Meme coins have been trending for a while now in the crypto space and most of them are animal related. Dogs, in particular, are the most popular meme element used in global meme coin community. From Dogecoin to Shiba Inu (SHIB), the success of numerous meme coins has been witnessed by the vast majority of crypto investors and enthusiasts.
And now, this everlasting trend of using animal as the major meme coin element might just come to an end, with the inception of a new meme created by a prodigy. Recently, random (RND), a 12-year-old primary school student’s new project, once again set off a “meme boom” and caused a sensation in the crypto community. After receiving widespread attention, it’s now listed on LBank Exchange to provide opportunities for more people who are interested in investing RND.
Meme and the Prodigy
On February 6, an extensive discussion occurred in the crypto space, all because a 12-year-old child released a video tutorial of smart contract on

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