The U.S. Congress inquires the SEC on crypto-related investigations

Today, Congress of the United States sent an official inquiry letter to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) chair Gary Gensler.
The subject of the inquiry was the SEC’s utilization of the Division of Enforcement and the Division of Examination to obtain information on cryptocurrency and blockchain firms.
Both the Division of Enforcement and the Divison of Examination are authorities that operate under the SEC. In other words, they aid the SEC in its endeavors. This is why it is alarming that the U.S. Senate would feel the need to interfere with tasks the SEC assigns to both of its authorities. Division of Enforcement acts like the police force of the SEC, while the Division of Examination’s mission is to protect the market integrity and the investors, prevent fraud, and monitor risk.
The Congress stated that the Division of Enforcement was allowed to act beyond the SEC’s jurisdiction. However, they also added that the tasks regarding obtaining information on cry

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