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Russia’s largest bank to issue digital financial assets following approval

Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, will soon start issuing and exchanging digital financial assets (DFA).
The bank announced on Thursday that companies will be able to make transactions on its blockchain platform one month from now.
Sberbank got the green light from Russia’s central bank a month after  Atomyze Russia was allowed to exchange digital assets, according to Reuters.
The move to digital assets comes in the midst of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as the West responds with strict economic sanctions to the country.
Sberbank’s announcement speaks of possible benefits to the market. Companies will be able to issue their own DFAs, which will “enable them to attract market investments,” is states.
They will also be able to acquire CFAs, allowing them to “invest their currently idle funds to generate income.”
“We are just starting our work with digital assets, realizing that further development requires adaptation of the current regulatory framework,” said Se

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