Run-DMC’s McDaniels at SXSW: Blockchain can take the power back for artists

“The creator is where the power begins, and that’s where the power should stay”, states Run-D.M.C’s Darryl McDaniels.
Cointelegraph’s senior reporter, Rachel Wolfson visited South by Southwest (SXSW) — a ten-day annual technology, film and music festival based in Austin, Texas — to connect with, and interview, a melting pot of pioneers, luminaries, and enthusiasts from the crypto, blockchain and Web3 industries.Wolfson spoke to Darryl McDaniels — known culturally as DMC — founding member of the infamous New York hip-hop trio Run-D.M.C, about the group’s illustrious discography, his views on the capitalistic-induced flaws within the traditional music industry, as well as his overarching vision in collaboration with blockchain project The Song That Owns Itself (STOI)) to advance decentralized digital ownership.Run-D.M.C. achieved colossal success across the 80’s and 90’s with multiple acclaimed albums and tr

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