Rihanna Files Application To Offer Products In The Metaverse

According to U.S. trademark attorney Josh Gerben, on March 14, singer and businesswoman Rihanna filed a new batch of trademark applications to offer her company’s cosmetics and products in a “virtual” format in the metaverse.
In this way, Rihana would be following many celebrities’ footsteps and recognized brands in the fashion world, such as L’Oréal and Victoria’s Secret.
Rihanna wants to expand her fashion empire into the metaverse
At the age of 34, Rihanna has not only eclipsed the music world with her songs but has also managed to create a fashion company that has achieved a market value of more than 570 million dollars in 4 years.
But the physical world is not enough for the artist, who now aims to dominate the WEB 3.0, betting to establish her brand in the metaverse. So, the question remains, which platform will Rihanna invest in?

Rihanna has filed a new trademark application indicating that she will offer “virtual” cosmetics and hair care products under her FEN

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