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Rep. Brad Sherman to propose companion to Warren’s crypto sanctions bill

Rep. Brad Sherman teased a companion bill to proposed legislation in the Senate that would empower the Treasury with the ability to compel crypto exchanges to block transactions with all Russian wallets.
The “Digital Asset Sanctions Compliance Enhancement Act,” introduced by Senator Elizabeth Warren, would also require the White House assemble a report on crypto service providers with ties to Russia.
At today’s House Financial Services Committee markup on a number of sanctions-related bills, Sherman used some of his remaining time to tease the forthcoming companion bill.
“I will be introducing a companion bill in the house and look forward to joining with my colleagues to make sure that one of the tools available to the administration is the ability to tell crypto exchanges, if they’re doing business in the United States, they can’t do business with Russia based crypto wallets until this crisis is over,” he said.
Earlier this week, The Block reported that public records showed Sher

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