Polygon co-founder believes India is facing a major crypto brain drain

Sandeep Nainwal blamed India’s lack of clarity on crypto regulations for the exit of crypto talent.
Mr. Nainwal expressed his desire to come to India and promote the Web 3 ecosystem.

So far, India has had a controversial and unclear approach to digital assets, and this is immensely hurting the country’s crypto talent, believes Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nainwal. In his recent interview with Scott Melker on his “Wolf of All Streets” podcast, Nainwal said that there’s an “absolutely crazy” brain drain in the Indian crypto sector.
These comments come when the number of Indians joining the crypto space has skyrocketed over the last year. India is currently the second in terms of crypto adoption with 15 million active crypto traders. Sandeep also stressed the need for proper regulation and infrastructure in India.
The Polygon co-founder believes that with necessary steps in place and a crypto-friendly environment, India has the potential to become the crypto hub of the worl

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