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Here are the facts on the alleged sabotage on the DMR Token

Bahamas-based Dreamr App’s native token DMR’s launch was planned for August 31, 2021. However, it was delayed until September 12, 2021. Moreover, there were further complications with the additional token releases. These delays caused the DMR token to lose momentum and a 93% value loss within 90 days after token release.
DMR to USDT price chart since launch (via
On the planned launch date, one DMR token was valued at around 0.13 USDT. It performed fairly well during the delay and dumped rapidly after the launch. Since then, it has been valued at approximately 0.0015 USDT.
According to the Dreamr team, their token release was sabotaged, and they filed a lawsuit against the allegedly responsible actors to retrieve their lost capital.
What is Dreamr App?
Dreamr app was launched in 2015 to create an ecosystem where participants could support each others’ dreams.
The app users can declare their dreams in a text or media format to receive support, start crowdfunding or

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