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Hacker steals $790,000 of NFTs and crypto from owners of Rare Bears

Collectors of Rare Bears, a recently-launched NFT project, have lost around $790,000 worth of NFTs and other cryptocurrencies in a phishing attack.
Rare Bears is an NFT collection of 2,400 cartoon-themed bears on Ethereum. It was created by a New Zealand-based digital artist called Enox and was launched via a public mint last week. 
On Wednesday, an unknown person gained unauthorized access to the project’s Discord server and posed as an official moderator. This enabled them to share a phishing link that was designed to steal people’s funds.

“Discord has unfortunately been compromised. Please DO NOT click any links, connect your wallet and block all incoming DMs in our discord. Our team [is] working on the situation as we speak,” said Rare Bears in a post on Twitter.
The perpetrator shared a message saying there was a new NFT mint, providing a link to a phishing website. A user going by “steldes” on Twitter posted a screenshot of what appears to be the phony announcement

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