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Democrat division over crypto isn’t all bad news for regulation

The digital divide between those for and against cryptocurrencies is widening among U.S. policymakers.
The Biden Administration has just passed an executive order furthering research into crypto assets in view of regulating them, but politicians within the ruling Democrat party remain deeply divided on digital currency.The lack of consensus among Democrats could mean that a progressive regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies could still be a long way off —but also makes it more likely the eventual regulations won’t be too harsh thanks to the work of crypto-friendly representatives. The crypto community is familiar with the names cropping up time and time again in the digital asset debate.On the one side, you have vehemently anti-crypto politicians such as Democrat Senators Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown, and in the pro-innovation camp are the likes of Democrat Congress members Ritchie Torres and Jim Himes.The di

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