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Crypto Biz: Have you considered a career in crypto? March 11-17

Companies like Visa and Nomura Holdings have set up dedicated crypto departments as they continue to embrace digital assets.
Analyzing the labor market is a passion of mine. In my past life, I worked as a labor market analyst for a Canadian think tank specializing in the IT sector. Tech employees always enjoyed higher demand, higher pay and lower jobless rates than workers in the rest of the economy. Although blockchain and crypto were virtually nonexistent during my tenure, these emerging technologies are now leading exponential growth for an industry evolving from Web2 to Web3. This week’s Crypto Biz newsletter highlights the growing demand for crypto professionals in the traditional finance and payment industries. We also survey the latest funding news from the world of blockchain. Visa seeks new college grads for Crypto Development ProgramCredit card giant Visa is inviting new college graduates to join its Crypto De

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