Argentina’s government would ‘discourage’ crypto usage under proposed IMF deal

Argentina’s government has signaled it will discourage the use of cryptocurrencies as part of a proposed, nearly $45 billion debt restructuring deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), leaving the country’s crypto sector questioning what this policy could mean if approved.
In a memorandum outlining financial policies under the debt agreement, Argentina’s government laid out a framework with goals from 2022 to 2024. These focus on government policies targeted to help the country’s growth and resilience. 
The IMF announced on March 3 that it had reached a staff-level agreement with Argentine authorities, but several Argentine news sites spotted a paragraph referencing cryptocurrencies in a leaked draft of the text days earlier. 
Per the text published by the IMF:

“Strengthening financial resilience. While commercial banks remain liquid and well-capitalized, strong bank oversight will continue, especially following the unwinding of pandemic-related regulatory forbe

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