UK joins regulatory focus as it recruits head of new crypto department

The UK’s financial regulatory body, The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has set its sights on crypto in a week filled with news on crypto regulation. The FCA is actively recruiting someone to lead them in building a team focused entirely on digital assets. 
A bullish signal for crypto
Whilst many will turn their noses up at the idea of crypto regulation, this is highly bullish for crypto as a whole. Following news from both the US and EU that digital assets are being integrated into the global financial system illustrates that the FCA is warming to crypto. It seems that we are now well past the days of worrying that governments worldwide are going to ban crypto outright. 
The goal of the new Head of Department role is,
to build and lead a new crypto department that will lead and coordinate the FCA’s regulatory activity in this emerging market.
The content of the job listings reveals that they are not looking to hire someone to justify cracking down on crypto. Instead, they foc

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