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Snoop Dogg may be the face of Web3 and NFTs, but what does that mean for the industry?

Snoop Dogg appears to be the unofficial face of Web3 and possibly even NFTs, but what is the real impact Web3 can have on creative industries?
Described by many users and outsiders as the Wild West, Web3 is open-source and decentralized, and it has been prompting many to look for ways to profit from its features, especially with the growing Metaverse.While some companies and investors are sorting out where to place their best bets, popular rapper and nonfungible token collector Snoop Dogg seems to have found his rhythm and is beating many to the market. The cannabis and NFT connoisseur announced he had joined the digitally native lifestyle and gaming platform FaZe Clan on March 7, with the intention of strengthening the cultural connection between music and gaming. Through his participation with digital collectibles, Snoop Dogg has elevated his credentials in the Web3 sector and is considered by pundits to be a prominent voi

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