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Nexus Payment Mechanism and How It’s Impacting Merchants and Firms

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology are revolutionizing an endless number of industries ranging from banking and financial sectors, hotels, and restaurants to eCommerce, retail, and lots more, thus making the services offered in the organizations faster, easier, and more secure for customers.
A recent forecast by Mordor Intelligence revealed that the transaction value of global digital payments is expected to hit $11.29 trillion by 2026 and grow at an 11.21% CAGR. In reality, consumers around the world are more inclined towards a redefined blockchain payment solution working seamlessly without barriers or delays. Consequently, this has led to businesses adopting digital payment systems to increase sales, reduce costs, and also secure customer loyalty.
Customer loyalty is considered valuable and important in today’s market. And with the strong competition among retailers, organizations are exploring ways to retain and reward customers, thereby maintaining customer loyalty in

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