MaskEX Crypto Exchange Reveals it Won’t Ban Russian Users

[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer] MaskEX Crypto Exchange will not ban its wallets connected with Russians or Russian Federation. After long discussions inside the team, MaskEX could not stand idly and decided to clarify its point for the rest of the world.
Considering the current situation around Ukraine, almost all spheres react to the sanctions and restrictions imposed against Russia. From this angle, expectations from the crypto exchanges are not surprising at all, which, of course, is a lot of pressure. And although MaskEX is a relatively new but fast-growing crypto exchange, it already has a large number of users from Russia and Ukraine, as it has employees representing these nations. Even if there were a few dozen users from these countries, it does not count people in numbers.
What people expect from a Crypto Exchange these days: Block all wallets associated with Russia; prohibit the registration of new users who are citizens of Russia; block or freeze the accounts of t

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