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Kazakhstan Shuts Down Over 100 Crypto Mining Farms

More than 100 crypto farms in Kazakhstan have terminated operations as a result of ongoing inspections of the mining sector. Authorities have revealed that some of the facilities are linked to prominent businessmen and former government officials.
Financial Watchdog Goes After Crypto Miners Across Kazakhstan
The rapid expansion of crypto mining in Kazakhstan, since last year’s crackdown on the industry in China, has been blamed for persisting problems with electricity shortages and blackouts. The government has gone so far as to claim that illegal players in the sector are threatening the country’s economic security.
Following inspections ordered by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, 55 mining farms have “voluntarily” closed down, Kazakhstan’s Financial Monitoring Agency announced Tuesday. They have completely suspended activities, dismantled and removed their equipment from a number of locations.
In February, Tokayev tasked the watchdog with identifying all enterprises mintin

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