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I have $7B in Bitcoin – renowned hacker sparks debate over his BTC holding

An infamous hacker who traded his black hat for a white one has claimed that he owns $7 billion in Bitcoin which he minted close to a decade ago.
He says that he still works a 9-5 job as he loves what he does and he derives satisfaction from knowing that he is helping people feel safer on the Internet.

If you had $7 billion in your bank account, would you continue working a 9-5 job, or would you be somewhere on a beach sipping Mai Tais? For one renowned hacker, he chose the former and he still goes to work from Monday to Friday, despite having a $7 billion Bitcoin fortune? But does he really have that much money – the crypto community has been on a heated debate since the revelation.
Known popularly as Gummo, the hacker took an interview on Soft White Underbelly, a popular YouTube channel with over 3 million subscribers.

Follow your heart! #softwhiteunderbelly
— Gummo (@GummoXXX) March 12, 2022

While he talked about a whole host of issues, from how technology has ruined our l

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