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How a VC firm that turned $700K into $4B is betting on the future of crypto gaming

VC firm Hashed was founded in 2017 when a group of founders and engineers from South Korea pooled $700,000.
Fast-forward five years and more than 500 investments later, and Hashed’s treasury now totals over $4 billion and it is still 100% owned by the firm.
Crypto gaming is one of the main pillars of Hashed’s investment thesis, serving as the focal point of a $200 million fund announced in December. While Hashed is actively investing in the emerging Web3 gaming ecosystem, their ambitions don’t stop there.
In this episode of The Scoop, Baek Kim, general partner at Hashed, joins host Frank Chaparro to explain how Hashed has taken additional steps to help shape the future of crypto gaming.
As Kim explained during the interview:

“We realized that there are so many gaps in the industry where we don’t want to be just waiting, as investors, for founders to show up to solve those problems, but we want to do more and be hands-on in a product building manner.”

According to Ki

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