FTX Partners With AZA Finance to Expand Crypto and Web3 in Africa

The cryptocurrency exchange FTX collaborated with the fintech company AZA Finance to expand the adoption of cryptocurrencies throughout Africa. Additionally, the two entities will aim to connect the Web3 economy with the countries from the continent.
FTX’s Latest Partnership
One of the largest digital asset trading venues – FTX – continues to strike important deals to popularize its global presence. According to a recent press release, its latest partnership is with the Kenya-based fintech firm – AZA Finance.
The associates outlined five key points they will focus on. First, they vowed to connect African markets to the global Web3 sector by building the necessary infrastructure.
Second, FTX and AZA Finance will create pathways to educate local users about Web3 and certain networking opportunities.
Third, FTX said it will provide its platform to African consumers to allow them to complete transactions in domestic currencies, including mobile money and local bank account integrat

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