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FTX partners with African payments company AZA Finance to boost web3 adoption

Crypto exchange giant FTX has partnered with AZA Finance, the payments firm formerly known as BitPesa, to grow the web3 economy on the African continent.
The partnership will explore five key areas for web3 development in Africa, including offering support for deposits and withdrawals using African fiat currencies on the global FTX platform, according to a statement on Wednesday.
It will also work to improve Africa’s web3 infrastructure while creating useful learning and networking resources for participants in the region. FTX and AZA Finance also plan to launch African digital currency trading pairs.
The fifth area of the collaboration involves non-fungible tokens (NFTs), with FTX planning to onboard African NFT artists to its marketplace.
Established back in 2013 as BitPesa, AZA Finance is the latest African crypto and payments company to attract interest from FTX in the latter’s push to establish a footprint on the continent. In November 2021, FTX led a $150 million Series C

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