Custom Cardano wallet addresses now available for improved usability

The Cardano network gets a boost thanks to ADA Handle and its human-readable wallet address function. Rather than interact using a random-looking string of alphanumeric characters, ADA Handle facilitates custom addresses that are easy to remember and user-friendly to boot.
The firm launched its “NFT-powered” naming service earlier this week, and user feedback has been positive. However, as of yet, centralized exchanges do not recognize the custom addresses.
Cardano gets a naming service
Custom addresses offer a simple and elegant solution to transacting. ADA Handle co-founder Calvin Koepke says centralized legacy payment providers, such as Venmo and Cashapp, offer this via @ usernames, making it easy to identify a user.
But Koepke points out that users do not own that username or associated data. The ADA Handle system is different; it uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) secured by an in-house PolicyID, allowing standardization and portability across dApps.
“A major downside of centra

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