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Crypto startup employee quits after realizing telltale signs of failure

Offering NFT services without proper infrastructure and purchasing crypto at ATH purely based on popularity were the red flags for the Redditor.
The startup ecosystem has historically played a vital role in shaping the crypto community into an almost $2 trillion industry. However, numerous players bank on this notion to consistently overpromise and underdeliver the big WAGMI dream.Back in December 2021, Redditor busterrulezzz thought they landed their dream job after being hired by a crypto startup — only to realize that they were now a part of the problem and resigned from the position two months later.Redditor u/busterrulezzz: Source: RedditAs narrated by busterrulezzz:“First of all, the level of disorganization and chaos was absolute madness. Each morning we had a different objective, based on the most recent trend in the market.”The Redditor alleged that the crypto startup, which shall remain unnamed due to an act

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