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Bitcoin runs the world: Traveling to 40 countries in 400 days with BTC

A runner and Bitcoin hodler from India is on a mission to travel to 40 countries in 400 days using Bitcoin only.
A fast-moving Bitcoiner has run through 7 of 40 countries on his Bitcoin-powered marathon around the world.Paco the Runner, also known as Paco de la India, set off on Sept. 17, 2021, paying for his entire running trip thanks to all the Bitcoiners around the world. He’s showing that “Bitcoin gives everyone freedom in the way they desire it.”Buying an icicle for Sats early on his journey. Source: TwitterPaco went from “living a lie on the fiat standard,” to traveling the world living off Bitcoin (BTC) only when a dear friend gifted him the book, The Bitcoin Standard. The reading and subsequent conversations with friends about money and the nature of the world led him down the Bitcoin rabbit hole.He told Cointelegraph that “once you see it, you can’t unsee it.” He’d been orange pilled:“It was a full

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