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Answering a morbid question: What happens to your Bitcoin when you die?

Passing on your crypto to your friends or family has been a worry to some, but an exchange claims that it has the solution.
When Bitcoin (BTC) traders pass away, their BTC may forever be lost within the blockchain if they haven’t given anyone else access to their wallets. However, an exchange project wants to give crypto traders another option. Back in 2020, a study showed that many crypto investors worry about what happens to their digital assets when they pass away. 89% of respondents expressed concerns on whether their assets would be given to family or friends after their demise. In an interview with Cointelegraph, Jeetu Kataria, CEO of Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX), highlighted the importance of a way to pass crypto to loved ones in case of death. According to Kataria, DIFX has created a blockchain-based nomination program that allows users to choose “trusted individuals, family and friends to be beneficiarie

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