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All you need to know about the GIG token that will shake up the booking industry

GIGCO is a brand-new blockchain music platform built on Solana that introduces instantly deployable gig contracts–poised to shake up and decentralize the live music industry.
CryptoSlate talked to GIGCO Co-founders Ben Kindlan and Frank de Vrijer, who explained how this new trustworthy booking protocol will allow artists to take full control and ownership of their music, gigs, merch, tickets, and NFTs
Ben and Frank revealed all you need to know about the disruptive project ahead of the GIGCO app launch, which will hit the app stores in March.
“GIGCO is the music community empowered”
“Using instantly deployable smart contracts, and the native GIG token payment system, GIGCO replaces traditional booking systems and ticketing methods,” explained the co-founder duo, clarifying how the platform will allow the artist to retail complete control and ownership of their output–live performance, merchandise, tickets, and NFSs (Non-Fungible Songs).”
“GIGCO is the music community em

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