Aave V3 Goes Live on Mainnet, Including Redesigned App

Aave – the popular web 3.0 lending protocol – has released its anticipated V3 update. The new version includes multiple new features that reportedly offer “increased capital efficiency” and “enhanced decentralization”.

According to an announcement from the company,  one of the new features includes “Portals” allowing for transfers of Aave V3 assets across different chains by “permit listed” bridge protocols, approved by Aave governance.
Many chains will be available given that the update was greenlit across Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Harmony.
Different blockchain networks can feature varying transaction fees, settlement times, and interoperability with other protocols. However, bridges have been known to face security issues in the past, necessitating trusted resources to empower cross-chain transfers.
Another new feature includes “high-efficiency mode” or “E mode”, allowing borrowers to secure more money for their collateral withi

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