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$100M fund aims to support the growth of decentralized machine economy

The IoTeX Foundation will examine all DApp developers thoroughly to ensure that they effectively enable machine financialization.
IoTeX, a blockchain platform focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), has announced the launch of a $100 million sustainable ecosystem fund.The new fund will back over 1,000 decentralized machine economy startups developing use cases for connecting more than 10 million smart devices to the MachineFi portal within the next three years.The decentralized machine economy is a developing economy in which machines, rather than people, are the driving force behind economic growth. This new economy is powered by blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI), and it has the potential to create a more efficient, secure and sustainable way of doing business. MachineFi refers to a new paradigm based on Web3 that underpins the new machine economy. Machine resources and intelligence can be monetized t

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