Top Apps & Tools To Keep Your Online Activity Private

The big tech firms – Facebook, Google, Twitter and others – track you everywhere you go online. Every single advert, website and social network button collects information about your browsing habits, location, tastes and preferences, building up a complete profile of who you are. That data can reveal an awful lot about who you are. 
It’s unsettling, especially when specific ads seem to follow you around the web. If you’ve ever done a quick Google search asking for advice on how to treat a headache, and then you keep coming across ads for painkillers, you’ll understand. Even if you try to be clever and avoid tweeting about your medical issues or sharing your political views on Facebook, for instance, the chances are good that they know exactly what kind of person you are. 
Avoid Being Tracked Online
The good news is there are many technology tools around these days that make it harder for you to be tracked. A simple browser extension such as uBlock Origin will not only block

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