This crypto fund and mining firm are partnering up to decentralize and improve Bitcoin mining

Digital Finance Group (DFG), a global blockchain and crypto investment firm, has announced a $250,000 private investment in Titan Mining.
The strategic partnership with the next generation Bitcoin mining pool will enable DFG to service the growing crypto mining industry, the company told CryptoSlate.
DFG and Titan to provide highly-efficient, highly-decentralized mining
As part of the partnership, DFG will utilize Titan Mining’s know-how to get a better understanding of the crypto mining industry. Titan Mining has been engaged in an effort to grow and decentralize cryptocurrency mining. As an enterprise-grade pool, Titan offers miners a way to increase their efficiency and scalability at a flat, low cost.
To further cement its position in the mining industry, Titan has been developing its proprietary Lumerin Protocol. The protocol supports a hash power marketplace that’s driven by smart contracts, enabling miners to buy and sell computing power to achieve the best mining efficiency

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