Op-ed: How cryptocurrency can be free from corruption to make our world more democratic

Idealists believe humans can thrive without rules, but history tells us a different story. All successful societies impose structure on their citizens. Regulations are the building blocks of a well-ordered civilization, and they are critical to growth and development.
Through the course of history, we have seen that every evolving industry goes through a process ending to a greater or lesser degree with regulation.
Now, we are at a critical moment in the development of cryptocurrency. In order to ensure this groundbreaking technology can flourish, we need to free it from the dark side – the selfish forces using it to further their short-term need.
By this, I mean corrupt entities who wish to profit at the expense of others, money-launderers, and criminals.
We did not develop blockchain and crypto to put money in these pockets. We developed this next-generation technology as a liberating currency free from interference or self-interest.
It should be the path to liberating financial de

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