Dogecoin Themed Burger Joint Launches In Dubai

A new cryptocurrency-themed restaurant called “Doge Burger” has launched in Dubai, allowing customers to pay for their food using digital assets. It will offer many “doge-inspired” burgers which can be delivered directly to customers’ doors.

As revealed by Dogeburger’s Instagram page, Doge Burger went live and began accepting orders on Thursday.
The restaurant will offer food delivery directly to people’s doors, including various fry and burger options.
Its packaging appears entirely Dogecoin-based, featuring a rocketship reading “To the Moon” on top of its burger container. The bottom of the container has a line reading “I love cryptocurrency”.
Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency launched in 2013 by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, based on the internet meme of a Shiba-Inu dog named “Doge”. Despite being openly made as a joke, it has established long-term popularity and is the 13th most valuable crypto today by market cap.
Other doge-based cryptocurrencies, includi

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