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Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, PLAYSK8 – How Subcultures Drive the Explosive NFT Market

Living on the fringe is a part of the core ethos of PLAYSK8. While adoption is good for those who have invested their time in an industry (whether that industry is NFTs or skateboarding), an unfortunate drawback to mainstream adoption is the death of authenticity. As concepts become more popular, a lot of the culture and authenticity that kickstarted their communities in the first place, get lost in the machine.
SK8 is focused on encapsulating the culture of skateboarding in the metaverse, taking inspiration from how projects like BAYC and CryptoPunks have transitioned from fringe subcultures to the mainstream, PLAYSK8 hopes to use NFTs to ensure that skating retains its authenticity, at least in the metaverse.
What is PLAYSK8?
PLAYSK8 is an NFT-based game where players compete in a game of SK8. The collection has already turned heads by partnering with NFT marketplace behemoth OpenSea, and some of the best skaters in the world like Nyjah Huston. When designing their NFTs, they partner

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