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Alium Finance Will Give Away 380,000 ALM Tokens in Honor of Listing on the MEXC Exchange

PRESS RELEASE. DeFi ecosystem Alium Finance, which combines a native multi-chain decentralized exchange and NFT marketplace, announced a massive airdrop in honor of listing on the MEXC cryptocurrency exchange. In order to participate in the free token giveaway, MX token holders must stake coins, and then they will receive the right to vote and can become one of the winners of the Alium Finance airdrop. Recipients of ALM tokens will be selected randomly, depending on the size of the balance of MX coins in the Spot Wallet.
“Partnership with such a large cryptocurrency exchange as MEXC, which today serves more than 6 million users from all over the world, is an important event for our company. We plan to expand our interaction in the future and launch new joint initiatives for the community,” commented Denis Denisov, CEO of Alium Finance.
Voting with MX tokens will start on Tuesday, February 22, and will last from 02:00 to 10:50 (UTC). Airdrop winners will receive rewards in ALM token

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