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XRP Vs SEC: Why Court May Reject SEC’s Motion Over Hinman’s Speech?

The XRP vs SEC Ripple lawsuit has come to a point from where it will be decided whether ‘XRP’ is a security or not. The recently unsealed memos has played a crucial role in revealing that Ripple took legal recommendations over the nature of the XRP token. Meanwhile, the SEC has filed a motion for reconsideration of Hinman’s June 2018 speech, which was earlier claimed to be a ‘public guidance’ now being called a ‘personal opinion’.
Ripple and Hinman consulted same law firm
As per reports Perkins & Coie, the law firm who wrote the legal memos for Ripple back in 2012 also assisted Hinman to draft his 2018 “Ether is no longer a security speech.”
Attorney Jeremy Hogan has posted that after the Hinman’s speech Perkins & Coie website issued that other senior officials and the Chair of the SEC are in a growing “consensus.”

Perkins & Coie wrote the legal memos for Ripple back in 2012.
Perkins & Coie assisted Hinman draft his 2018 “Ether is no longer a se

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