What Are The Most Prominent Nft Platforms?

OpenSea is a digital marketplace for buying and selling various items in the form of NFTs. It enables an individual to set up, tokenize and publicly enlist personalized collections in the decentralized web. Apart from these, it is a public, peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs belonging to a wide variety of categories like digital art, music, domain names, sports and other collectibles. There are more than 3 million items on the platform and cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum are used for transactions. OpenSea is backed by entities like YCombinator, Coinbase, Blockchain Capital etc.
Rarible is a multi-chain community-centric marketplace for NFTs. It allows the dynamic creation, selling and collection of liquid intellectual digital collectibles in the form of tokens on multiple blockchains. The platform supports blockchains like Ethereum and Flow which charge a fee to allow the minting, buying and selling of digital creations. The platform also issues the $RARI, a DAO

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