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We May Be Heading For A Crypto Winter Alike 2018: Crypto Analyst

With inflation rising sharply in the United States, analysts are predicting at least six hikes in the Federal Reserve’s key rate to 1.50%. The move will bring an end to pandemic-era policies that had flushed the market with cash and spurred a near two-year rally in risk-driven assets.
Higher inflation drives up the cost of living, which in turn could affect the investing potential of  retail investors, who were a key player in crypto’s astronomical rally last year.
Crypto has also struggled to act as an effective inflation hedge this year. U.S. consumer price inflation surged 7.5% at an annual rate in January, while Bitcoin, a bellwether for the market, shed 18%.
“Rising interest rates and the depletion of private savings will play against the cryptocurrency market, setting the “crypto winter” up again along the lines of what we saw in 2018,” says Alex Kuptsikevich, a senior financial analyst at FxPro.
But Kuptsikevich noted that this was a more mature market than la

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