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Vitalik Buterin on why he welcomes the return of crypto winter

Vitalik Buterin says crypto may benefit from a period of prolonged price depression, otherwise known as crypto winter.
The comments came during the ETHDenver festival, which ended on Sunday. However, the Ethereum co-founder clarified that he isn’t sure whether crypto winter has arrived or if recent price action reflects broader macroeconomic volatility.
Is crypto winter here?
Crypto markets are a long way from late-November 2021 highs. Peak to trough movement since then has seen a 45% outflow in the total market cap.
But does that mean crypto winter is here? Indeed, the numerous drawdowns since the start of 2022 have frayed the nerves of investors. And for some, it seems the latest sell-off is confirmation that winter is here.
There is no widely accepted definition of crypto winter. But it’s broadly defined as a period of flat trading following a price crash. However, as a vague definition, there is no way to say with certainty whether crypto winter is here. The issue becomes more

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