The next SEC vs Ripple court hearing could determine the outcome of the case, says attorney

Ripple attorney John Deaton believes that Judge Sarah Netbrun can announce the case outcome in the next hearing.
It will be interesting to see whether the SEC can use its DPP privilege to prevent itself from producing any documents.

It’s been more than a year since the Ripple vs SEC case began and analysts are expecting an outcome anytime this year. Many crypto market analysts believe that the outcome could be possible in Ripple’s favor.
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The recent unsealing of two memos shows that the judge can dismiss the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple in the coming weeks. John E Deaton, the attorney representing over 65,000 XRP holders, believes that the next hearing could determine the outcome of the case. In one of his latest tweets, Deaton writes:
Judge Netburn’s decision on the motion for reconsideration will be the biggest decision in the @Ripple case. I say that b/c I don’t believe the motion to strike the FND is a signi

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