The dominoes are falling, California to considering Bitcoin as legal tender

Political advisor Ian Calderon and self-described Bitcoiner Dennis Porter are planning to introduce a bill making Bitcoin legal tender in the state of California.

Together, @Dennis_Porter_ and I are working on a bi-partisan effort to legislatively explore #Bitcoin as legal tender in the State of California. More to come.
— Ian C. Calderon (@IanCalderon) February 20, 2022

Porter followed up by urging his 70,000 Twitter followers to visit and register their support for Bitcoin as legal tender.
The webpage in question talks about taking affirmative action against monetary debasement, even taking the opportunity to have a pop at the Fed. It states Bitcoin’s current treatment (similar to property in the U.S, therefore subject to capital gains tax) impedes its use as a medium of exchange.
“Now more than ever, it is important for Americans to have money that can be protected from inflation created through monetary debasement. This debasement is

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