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Solana’s weekend bounce risks turning into a bull trap — Can SOL price fall to $60 next?

More bearish cues for SOL comes from a bull flag setup that’s now breaking to the downside.
A rebound move witnessed in the Solana (SOL) market this weekend exhausted midway as its price dropped below the $90 level from a high of $96 on Feb. 21. In doing so, SOL price technicals are now risking a classic bearish reversal setup.Solana price risks dropping to $60Dubbed head-and-shoulders (H&S), the technical pattern emerges when the price forms three peaks in a row atop a common support level (called a neckline). As it typically turns out, the pattern’s middle peak, called a “head,” comes longer than the other two peaks, called theleft and right shoulders, which come to be of similar heights. The H&S pattern tends to send the prices lower—at length equal to the maximum distance between the head and the neckline—once they decisively break below its neckline. As a result, Solana, which has been forming a similar tec

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