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Russian Social Media Network Vkontakte to Introduce NFT Support

Russia’s largest social media network, Vkontakte, has announced it’s going to introduce support for blockchain and NFTs. The crypto technologies will be incorporated into the platform’s scheme for monetization of user content and copyright protection.
Vkontakte to Facilitate Use of Non-Fungible Tokens
The leading Russian social media platform, Vkontakte, intends to utilize blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the company’s Technical Director Alexander Tobol unveiled in a recent interview with Vesti.
Both will become part of a set of tools for monetizing user-generated content and protecting copyrights, the executive explained. An NFT, Tobol elaborated, is a digital certificate of uniqueness, ensuring it’s impossible to forge the content which is guaranteed by an entry into a distributed ledger.
Tobol further emphasized that Vkontakte is not preparing to develop its own blockchain. The popular social media network intends to act as an intermediary and assist i

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