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Report: Intel Reveals ‘Bonanza Mine BMZ1’ Blockchain Accelerator Mining Chip

Last week the California-based technology company Intel explained its intentions to develop crypto mining semiconductors that would showcase “1000x better performance per watt.” Now Intel has revealed more details about the “Bonanza Mine” (BMZ1) blockchain accelerator chip at this year’s International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC).
Intel’s Bonanza Mine Crypto Chip Products Introduced at ISSCC
Information concerning Intel’s new crypto mining accelerator chip has been revealed to the public, according to various reports covering 2022’s ISSCC event. On February 12, News reported on Intel’s intentions to craft blockchain accelerator chips as Intel executive Raja M. Koduri described Intel’s goals.
Intel’s presentations at ISSCC revealed the “Bonanza Mine” (BMZ1) accelerator, but Tom’s Hardware author Paul Alcorn explained that Intel is already working on a second-generation “Bonanza Mine ASIC, known as the BMZ2.” Alcorn’s research note

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