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Pro-Bitcoin president of El Salvador to offer citizenship for foreign investors

The 52 proposed legal reforms call for less bureaucracy, less red tape, creating tax incentives to make El Salvador one of the most freedom-centric countries.
El Salvador President Nayib Bukele wants to offer citizenship to those who invest in the small Central American nation.President Bukele took to Twitter to inform the crypto community on Sunday that he was sending a list of 52 legal reforms to Congress. Among the most notable proposals, Bukele called for the removal of red tape, reducing bureaucracy, creating tax incentives and most importantly offering citizenships to foreigners looking to invest in the nation.I’m sending 52 legal reforms to congress, to remove red tape, reduce bureaucracy, create tax incentives, citizenship in exchange for investments, new securities laws, stability contracts, etc.The plan is simple: as the world falls into tyranny, we’ll create a haven for freedom.— Nayib Bukele (@nayibbukel

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