OpenSea phishing scam robs users NFTs worth over $1.7M, here are the details

A phishing scam orchestrated on OpenSea users has seen 32 robbed of their NFTs after signing them away to a malicious smart contract.
The attacker(s) reportedly took advantage of the fact that the marketplace is currently requesting its users to move their collectibles to a new smart contract.

On Feb. 19, hundreds of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), worth at least 1.7 million, disappeared from OpenSea user wallets. 
According to the platform’s co-founder and CEO, Devin Finzer, what transpired was a phishing attack. A total of 32 users signed the attacker’s malicious payload between 5-8 P.M. EST on Saturday.
Presently, OpenSea is in the process of requesting its users to migrate their NFTs from the Ethereum blockchain to a new smart contract. It is said that the victims received emails from someone impersonating the OpenSea team. Just like OpenSea’s legitimate request, they were prompted to migrate their Ethereum listings to a new smart contract – essentially granting ownership o

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